Food and Wine Round 2, April 16 2016

This was a quickie trip, we originally were staying overnight but the prices were ridiculously high and we are going again in 2 weeks so it was no biggie to do an in-n-out trip.

V is not so happy for getting up so early, LOL.

We got there before park opening and so we waited for the Mickey & Friends parking structure to open for about 30 minutes, all was good because we got to park at Pinnochio! (my favorite lot)13036330_1698448747088430_1597178039_o
Browsing around World of Disney looking for some finalists for my jewelry collection
V getting scanned, I have to say we are happy with the added security at Disneyland

It was windy, very. I am not sure but my guess is the fireworks got cancelled that day


Hanging around at Main Street waiting for the rest of the park to open

We actually only got on 2 rides, the first one (which is my favorite) was Haunted Mansion and after it we spotted this adorable couple, can you say “Couple goals”?
Second ride: Big Thunder13016667_1698448893755082_1993450492_o13010238_1698448917088413_685878491_o13016694_1698448923755079_1419341751_o13009707_1698448933755078_1920946260_o13016702_1698448950421743_1271514097_o
Walked  around the park for a bit more but it was crowded, like really crowded for being so early so we were happy just cruising around before heading over to DCA13052574_1698448967088408_969496157_o
Had to take a picture of the current purchase with purchase offer, not a fan so we passed13052507_1698448977088407_570533087_o
So I am happy to report that Disney came thru with the Tasting Passport situation (the “situation” being that the TP was originally $45 and then went down to $39) when I contacted the AP Disneyland account via Facebook they told me to bring the receipt to get a refund I was bummed because although I did save mine, V didnt so we were wondering what would happen. Long story short they didnt even ask for the receipt just scanned our APs and punched a little gole in our TP and we got a $10 Gift card each, so right after we left Blue Sky Cellar Lounge we headed to our favorite Karl Strauss beer car where we purchased a couple of Red Trolley beers with our GC. Thanks Disney!
V eating bread at Boudin Bakery Tour12991855_1698449007088404_512684790_o
The new Food and Wine pin for the week, love it!13016703_1698449010421737_1180405145_o
Diva alert 🙂13054659_1698449030421735_1488426494_o
Guess who we spotted before his $200 seminar? Yeap, that is Kurt Rusell!13036467_1698449067088398_1930379521_o13052590_1698449097088395_1184232806_o
So as soon as the Festival Marketplace booths opened up we walked over to Viva Fresca for a pair of shrimp tacos and a burrito to share, so good.


Next were these magnificent Pork bella bao tacos…
Dessert were the Banana corn dogs which are in honor of Zootopia, those are bananas and come with raspberry and chocolte sauce, we shared and they were magnificent. (These are not Marketplace items, we got them at Award Weiners)

Grabbed a spot for the Culinary Demonstration in which a Chef from the Disneyland Resort (forgot her name, sorry) did the Triple Chesse Mac with smoked chicken

So relaxed!

This is her

Captain America getting to work in his new home at DCA

Cannot wait for suuummeeeeer!

The sun was STRONG so we cooled a bit the best way we know how, salud again 🙂

The last item we got here today was the Mac and Cheese, very smokey and delicious.

13035684_1698449363755035_987386845_oWalked around a bit more and decided it was time to head home but before we left our beloved Anaheim we made a stop in one of our favorite places, Mimi’s Cafe

V’s selection; Chicken Parm

Mine was salmon and frites

Had to take a final picture of me in my new sunglasses I got earlier at Disneyland because the sun was just killing my eyes.

So that was it, going back May 1 for Dapper Days and the final day of Food and Wine.

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