Disney Bday Trip 2015

I am always excited to go to Disney, I am a little girl at heart (which happens to like to drink).

This trip was planned around my birthday, february 3, and the Super Bowl, february 1… we have done Vegas (my other happy place) for the last couple of years but decided on Disney for several reasons, one of the being we want to make the most our of our Annual Passes.

We dont like to spend that much on Hotels so we stayed in a Travelodge this time and were really happy with our pick (we had actually had stayed there before), its the one on Harbor Blvd (south of Disneyland aprox 2 blocks), of course one of these days I HAVE to book at the Grand Californian, sigh.

Anyway, we left on Saturday, January 31

That is me, waiting for V in the car while he changed some pesos for dollars

Stopped at Yum Yum for a couple of bagels, coffee for V and red juice for me.

The drive was fast and smooth, made it to the Pumbaa parking lot ar around 8:30 am

This is, by far, my favorite parking lot.
On the bus
We are here!
Sleepy but happy!
On my way to the restroom I spotted this little fella

Main Street…

Now some people might get mad or sad if they plan a trip to Disneyland and find out when they arrive that a whole bunch of rides (and even a part of the park, Criiter Country) is closed, not me. I actually love this novelty and I get exccited for what is to come, in this case May 22: Diamond Celebration,


The park was kinda empty (for Disneyland standars anyway), to give you an idead I will just tell you that Indiana Jones was our first ride and that it didnt even take was 4 minutes to fo thru the line…

Note to self: put your damn bow straight!

Pirates, some earring shopping and Hauntes Mansion later….

I sneaked a peak into Critter Country…

No railroad
Mad tea time!

No Bobsleds either

Yeap, no Small World.
It had been years since I had been on this ride
Needed gas to keep going, had a salad, carrot cake and water at Tomorrowland Terrace
Love the doors here …
Love him

Best. Movie. Ever.

After the morning had passed we said bye bye (for now) to DL and headed over to my beloved California …

Beers @ Flo’s
My first buy of the trip

We had a Fastpass for Space Mountain so we returned to Disneyland just for that…

Cool sword…
Space Mountain

Got hungry and had lunch at French Market…

Everything was delicious!
Mint Juleps 🙂

Left to go Check in and came back in no time… when we did came back we had to park at Mickey and Friends and the sunset was beautiful…

V and myself
Waiting for our ride to the gate … snapped this pic
Went directly to CA to have our share of alcohol and fun 🙂

The Frozen Fun festivites are going on and although I much prefer the Mad T Party compares to Freeze The Night we always enjoy ourselves either way, some more pictures:

When we were at Disneyland earlier we saw that the FastPass machines are now up for Fantasmic! , we didnt get a pass at that moment as they were giving passes for the 8:45 show and we wanted for the 10:45 one (which I dont agree with, you shoud be able to pick the time you want your FastPass for), anyway by now the later show passes were ready and so we got them

Back to CA …

Bayside Brews

Waiting to see the sneak peak of Cinderella

Sunday February 1

Our Travelodge had free breakfast, nothing fancy at all and very basic but it did the job giving us enough “fuel” for the early morning

Waffles + Coffee + OJ + Cereal

Back to CA …

Got Faspass for the First time in forever: A frozen sing-along celebration …

Time for food!

Lunch was sharing a hamburguer from Paradise Garden Grill and a salad from Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta

Enjoyed the live band at had a great time

Walked to get our Fastpass for Radiator Springs Racers and just check out the time on the pass…

Time to see Disney’s Aladdin: a musical spectacular

Next stop was Beast’s library

We got a beer and sat on one of the benches on Hollywood Land and before we knew it … it was time to go to ESPN Zone to watch the Super Bowl !!!

I had made reservations a couple of weeks before, it was basically that each of us had to spend $75 to secure a sit and so we did and have an amazing time, even more so because the Seahawks lost.
Our view
One of many, many drinks

Rum Carrot cake, very good but extremely sweet, V had mot of it
A you might remember the last pass was intercepted and Patriots won or, more important, Seattle lost (sorry I just dont like them, only Wilson) so there were actually only about 10 of us cheering for New England so one of them bought shots for us… tequila for me please! and thank you…

Took some more pics at Downtown Disney

Walked thru the Grand Californian to get back to CA

Love me some late-night Hollywood Tower
Watched some of the fireworks from CA main gate, too tired to walk back to DL and look for a spot this time

Monday February 2

I bought my Minnie hoodie the day before so this was, once again, my look for the day

Good morning!
First time ever we parked at the Pinocchio parking lot

My new earrings, got them this morning at the World of Disney store while making a bit of time as the parks opened at 10 today

Main Street was open but had to wait for it to be 10 o’clock to actually get on any rides

Went directly to Fantasyland

On Alice in Wonderland



Had to get my bracelet
Didnt make it in time to see the Patriot’s parade … oh well… at least we saw whi they clean afterwards

Got a bit hungry and decided on Carthay Circle (lounge), we have never been there so it was as good as any other time to finally visit

Our drinks, good but small
We stayed downstairs (Lounge) and yeah I think we would return but I just The Cove bar too much to spend my time and money here instead

Duck flat bread
Chicken salad sandwich

Stairs to restaurant

Ride time!

Walked to Hollywood Land to watch the Pizar Play! Parade
Grabbed a sit and got comfy with our beers, is there anything better?

We ended our night at my favorite place: Cove Bar had an amazing bartender, Andrew, and had a relaxing, fun and wonderful time

Lobter nachos
Black Pearl Cocktail, my favorite.
Fun Wheel

Zombie Cocktail… so good

Tri-tip sliders

CA closed at 8 today which sucked but either way it had been a long weekend so we were ok with going to rest and call it a night
But not before a quick last stop at Freeze The Night party

V got a California Churro which, IMHO, was BAD

Detour to a 7-Eleven for some room refreshments (we had 2 each and fell asleep, LOL)

Tuesday, February 3

Happy birthday to me! 33 is oficial … yikes! Sad day as we are returning home to work and reality

Had another waffle session
Bye bye room

Took the 1 and drove thru Huntington Beach, Newport, Laguna and Dana Point, took some pics hof this and that and got home at around 3pm… another trip in the books.

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