Super Bowl / Birthday Vegas 2014 Trip

 Is there a more perfect gift than a trip to Vegas on Super Bowl weekend? :roll: Well, maybe only if the Chargers were playing on that game but, alas, this “will have to do” :lol:…

I originally planned on leaving on Thursday after work but I just HAD to be there on Friday so we made some last minute changes which included cancelling thursday night and adding monday night, better for me as monday was my actual birthday… I left work around 2pm and we were on our way…On our way we made our regular gas stop @ Baker and V just had to take a picture of the sunset

We had booked 1 night @ Super 8 (South LV Blvd) which IMO is an amazing deal, paid $30 and it includes free wifi, rooms are clean and basic and front desk has great customer service. I mean I wouldnt stay here for the entire trip but it was exactly what we needed for tonight.After checking in we drove back to The Strip directly to Aria as we wanted to visit The PUB which oficially is at Crystals… I must mention that it was cold as f%$# and there was so much wind that I felt I was freezing!Before some food and drinks at The PUB I did some minor gambling, played some Willy Wonka and broke about even, this was my first drink for this trip

We had some time to burn as Late night Happy Hour didnt start until 10pm so we hung around the Sportbook for a bit and I took a pic of the new pizza spot

We watched the final minutes of the Lakers game (they lost, again, *insert happy dance here*, yes I am a Clippers fan BTW) and then headed towards the restaurant

After the beers and the bites we browsed for a while and donated some $ to the casinoI was really tired after the long day at work and didnt want to push it, so we drove back to our room and called it a night.SATURDAY FEB 1

Woke up, got ready and checked out. Everything before 9am. Drove to Walmart for some basics we needed (shampoo, etc)

Should we?

The plan for today was to start with brunch @ Border Grill, this was our first time and we loved it, amazing service and even better food and mimosas… yum! I signed up for the VIP Club and got a 2-4-1 dinner entree coupon which can be used towards Brunch so it was perfect.


Basket of bread:

Corn tamale (sweet corn, sour cream, salsa fresca)

Fig and blue cheese quesadilla (caramelized black mission fihs, maytag blue cheese, chipotle aioli, candied walnuts)

Plantain empanada (my favorite…roasted plantain, black beans, poblano, cotija cheese)

You get this basket of bread which includes a Guava empanada, soooo good
Salsas, the habanero one was extra delicious but spicy as hell, just the way we like it!

Crispy potato rajas taco (roasted potatoes and chiles, mexican cheeses, guacamole, grilled corn relish, chipotle aioli)

What I kinda hate is that there isnt a restroom inside the restaurant, like most of them in Vegas, so you have to go down/up stairs to the Ballroom area I think it is… not far but still

One of several mimosas we had, they have Pomegranate (pictured here and the yummiest one IMO), white peach, apple+basil, strawberry, regular (orange), etc

Machaca chilaquiles (slow cooked beef brisket, crispy corn tortilla chips, mexican cheeses, roasted chiles, and we asked for the egg to be taken away – we highly dislike eggs – )

Churro tots (my least favorite dish, dulce de leche infused churros, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream)… if you are craving some delicious churros than I highly recommend the ones they offer @ Diablo’s

Bacon jalapeño PBJ – amazing! (peanut butter, homemade grape jelly, crispy bacon, jalapeño, biscuit)

We also had the lobster pancake which I didnt care for that much but I just cannnot find the pic, oh well… we enjoyed our meal so much !

After 2+ hours we walked to the casino and played for a while…

We played Iron Man which was new for V and we did good, I like it.

V did amazingly good at the Craps machine everyone was cheering him on as he went for a loong time and made money for every player

I almost peed my pants when I say this one, I didnt even know it existed and a big WD fan, sadly I did really bad 

@Mandalay Bay
Also played some Fireball 2 which sucks just as bad at the original one

Drove to Planet Hollywood where we browsed the Miracle Mile shops, like always made a stop at Sin City, also bought a couple of things at Shemoni and then walked towards Cosmo…

V dared me to have a Coors light, I did and it was gross

Finally made it to Chandelier bar to have my Fire breathing dragon cocktail, just to be told they dont serve it anymore, me so sad

There are now tables a side from Bond bar

I am a huge BT2F fan so I was also excited to see this slot… played it for a while nothing excited happened but it was all good…

We made our way to Bellagio where I played VP for less than 5 minutes because on my forth try I got…

Now for some of you this might be nothing but for me it is a big deal because I never play VP also $200 on a 50 cent bet is good enough for me

Walked from Bellagio to Caesars, well just the bar outside actually because we stopped for a couple of drinks (Caipirinha for me, Acai lemonade for V)

V told me he was hungry so we walked back to PH and got our car and headed towards Venetian to have dinner at Buddy V’s

Grandma’s meatballs (beef, veal & pork, tomato ragu, pecorino)

Lisa V’s linguini & white clam sauce (white wine, dried chili, garlic, extra virgin olive oil)

Bread also very good

Pizza Buddy’s favorite (spiced sausage, caramelized onions, fennel, four cheese)

Italian birthday cake (rum soaked sponge cake, cannoli filling chocolate pastry cream, toasted almonds)

The dessert menu

Everything was delicious; tasted like italian home cooking and we will be back to this place also

After dinner we just walked around and window shopped for like about an hour

Lamp in our room

We then drove to Luxor and checked in, there was a bit of a line but nothing too bad, I had that night and V the following one, both of them was myVegas rewards we were checked in at the same time and were told we wouldnt have to switch rooms or anything else, what a relief! Thanks myVegas!

The day had been long so the bed was calling my name. I have to mention that we were moved to a West Tower room was was a good walk from/to the casino but the room made it worth it.


Super Bowl sunday!!! We had tickets for viewing the game @ the Z bar (Plaza, downtown) which included unlimited food and booze (for $75 each) so we went light that morning just having a coffee, sandwich and muffin at Starbucks

V at Luxor´s Satrbucks

We drove directly to The Plaza and settled in, made some bets, played some slots and eventually we did have a couple of slices of our favorite pizza place…

V deciding on which bets to make

Doors at  the Z Bar did not open until 230pm but at noon there was a line already starting and because we had our eyes on sitting at the bar (instead if sharing a table with complete strangers… can anyone say AWKWARD?…) V decided to go wait in line, so we did… with me having the occasional break to go sit and play a slot here and there

When we finally were let in we snatched the seats we wanted and we were more than happy! We had an amazing time, so much fun!

They had a all you can eat buffet with stadium-like food, think wings, jalapeño poppers, popcorn, brownies, cookies, hot dogs, etc 

After the game we drove to El Cortez and gambled for an hour or so then it was back to the Luxor and played for hours… I took a beating but oh well, like I said it was a fun day!

And that was that.


Today I am 32 years of age !!! Congrats to me … today I would be a good girl and limit myself to no alcohol or at least that was the original idea…

We checked out of Luxor and drove to PH for a snack/lunch sandwich from Earl’s which was what I was craving, I had the the Full Montagu and V ordered the All American plus some potato chips (BBQ and Vinegar) , potato salad and a Red velvet cupcake

Walked to Bellagio as I hadnt taken pics of the Conservatory yet or cashed out my TITO !

Taking a pic of this ceiling for me never gets old

After that we drove to Harrahs which shares its parking lot with the Quad and is, IMO, the worst parking of all hotels in Las Vegas… but anyway we walked to what is The Linq and its “meh” but I will return as it is not fair to say that as it is not yet all up and running, it does look interesting…

We walked around and made our way to Flamingo…

We drove to Downtown Grand where I had no luck whatsoever unlike the last time we were there so I got grumpy and add to that the fact I was hungry and it was only about 4pm and our dinner reservation was until 730! V told me that we cancel and go to another place which was the best solution but I  really wanted to try Andiamos, oh well, its another excuse to return soon.

So we decided on Firefly which was an excellent choice!

We went to the Firefly on Paradise and it offers Happy hour from 3-6pm Mon-Thur and 3-5pm on Friday, the happy hour HERE is only for 1/2 price of Sangria pitchers and not food, that was fine with us the pitcher ended up being only $14

Stuffed dates (bacon-wrapped, smoked almond, red wine reduction, blue cheese)

Plate of Serrano ham and Manchego cheese (Fermin iberico, grilled bread & garnishes)



Tierra y mar skewers (grilled shrimp, ?let mignon�, chorizo sausage, salsa verde)

Chocolte tres leches cake

Check in @ El Cortez, aaah THIS place is my home away from home ❤

Walked Fremont St. and visited The Plaza once again

The Beer Garden is almost done (outside Plaza)

We later walked over to Container Park, had some Liquid nitrogen ice cream and it was very delicioso! … some pics:

So after that we gambled a bit more at homebase and I did good, V not so much… and that was that, it was one of the most fun trips ever, I cannot wait to go back.

Thanks for checking out my TR! :)

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